Woodward may delay his retirement until a new manager is appointed

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Ed Woodward, executive vice president of Manchester United, may delay plans to step down. Because you have to take care of appointing a new head coach

Sky Sports reports that Woodward may continue as Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman during the recruitment of a new head coach. Who will take over the club until the end of the season. Including a permanent head coach who will be appoint in the middle of next year Manchester United previously announce in April that Woodward would step down as executive vice-chairman at the end of 2021,

As he admitted in a statement at the time that it was difficult to leave. However, since then There were no further comments. From both the club and he came out again. Most of the Red Devils fans have ousted Woodward from his position. Because of the failure to manage the team since the end of Sir Alex Ferguson. But in terms of finances, Woodward continues to recruit revenue into the club without deficiencies.

Woodward will reportedly become a consultant for United. When he eventually leaves his current role, ensuring he remains an influential figure at Old Trafford.

Iconic defender Rio Ferdinand has slammed the administrator in the wake of Solskjaer’s sacking, highlighting the poor timing of the decision.

“The international break was the perfect time to do it [sack Solskjaer], I don’t know why they were dilly-dallying and waiting,” he told his FIVE YouTube channel.