Torres reveals why he turned down an offer from Spurs

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Villarreal centre-back Paul Torres has explain why he turn down an offer from Tottenham Hotspur and opted to continue playing with the Yellow Submarine team.

Spain centre-back Pao Torres has revealed why he decided to join Villarreal after rejecting an offer from Tottenham last summer. After the Golden Spikes chicken team submitted an offer worth 60 million euros. Which the Yellow Submarine team accepted as well, according to a report from ‘The Guardian’ on Tuesday past. 

Torres is one of the future defenders in Spanish and European football. He grew up in Villarreal’s academy before making outstanding contributions to the club and the Spanish national team until he was a target for several ufabet clubs

According to reports, Villarreal accepted a €60m offer from Tottenham last summer. But submarine chairman Fernando Roic will leave it to the player’s decision. Before the 24-year-old defensive line will choose to stay with the club. Although the Golden Spikes Chicken team pays wages that are 4 times higher than what he currently receives. 

‘The attraction of playing the Champions League with a team from my city is greater’

‘I was clear from the start. This is only the fourth time Villarreal has joined the Champions League. That shows how difficult it is and it’s been a dream to compete with the club for the rest of my life.’

‘The club president didn’t put pressure on me. Even if they make a lot of money he always said ‘The decision is yours’, he will respect it. I appreciate that.’

‘What I was able to experience at the club cannot be duplicated’ 

‘I feel comfortable in my city. With people close to me And the group we have and the people we have signed (Arnaut), Danjuma, Boulay (Dia), Gerard (Moreno) extended contracts means we have a team to do great things.’ 

‘I enjoyed it. it’s a special year The groups are very close together. That’s why I stayed,’ said Pao Torres.