Serious chicken hunt for Johnston to replace Lloris

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West Brom goalkeeper Sam Johnston is the latest player to be added to the shortlist to replace captain Hugo Lloris, near the end of his contract

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that Dan Frenchman has a commitment to ‘ Golden Spikes ‘ until June next year. And without signing more signs, causing the club to go into the market  

In the past, it has been linked with either Dean Henderson ( Manchester United ) or Jordan Pickford ( Everton ). Who are all England internationals like Johnston who flagged. Went to kick off Euro 2020 in the middle of last year.  

Golden age for 28 years, will become a free agent at the end of this season as the club ‘ The back’s 17 league games this season, made seven clean sheets lose 14 balls.

Incidentally, the Lloris , who devoted 35 years of Boxing Day (26th December . C .) To imply that I was still good enough physical condition to stand long. Many seasons are just waiting for Spurs handed a new contract.

“ There is still nothing from the ufabet club regarding the new contract. But that’s not a problem, let’s look at the next point. ” 

If Hugo contract may move abroad to gain experience in La Liga in Spain , Serie A ‘s Italian or night Arena League Ligue French.