Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal’s captaincy

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BT Sports analyst Joe Cole backed the dismissal. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal‘s captaincy for behaving inappropriately while urging the Gooners to stand beside the boss and the young men.

Striker age of 32 years is difficult to ‘ big guns ‘ when breaking the discipline three times in Arteta resulting in a ufabet club statement annexed armband. With the name cut from the game, West Ham won 2-0 in a row for the second time. Brought about a lot of criticism, both agreeing and opposing  

Cole ‘s point of view. However, believes the Spanish boss did the right thing by looking at team benefits ahead of star power.  

” I think it’s a bold decision by Mikel Arteta. While it’s a favorite for a reason, ” said the former England midfielder.

“ Events like that didn’t happen the first time. And when you look back at former captains Patrick Vieira , Tony Adams, or anyone else, there’s a problem. There is a story, but it’s also full of leadership. ” 

 Personally, I was never satisfied with the leadership of Aubameyang ‘s cool to bein this group of players – the team’s Arsenalalso have the option many people can transcend partisan barriers .”

 Reporting late is like disrespecting the other players on the team. which I have done before. ” 

“ Arsenal has had a cultural issue with players who have been captains for the past few years. ” 

“I remember myself visiting the old Highbury stadium. And there you can terrify your opponents with a good team leader. But that feeling soon faded away. That’s because of the lack of good leaders on the pitch. ” 

Current Alexandre Masson at La Sainte Scott wore the armband instead of Obama’s cool to be , but I am out of contract this season, so there’s speculation the new location as Kieran Gauthier Chaney , Aaron. Ramsdale or Martin Odegaard in consideration