“Arteta” understands the irony of telling ghosts that they still have a chance to win the ChonPra ticket

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has a hard time guessing whether he intends to stimulate the team or intend to sarcastically sarcastically say that Manchester United are still in the race for fourth place for the Champions League. .Next season Because in practice, the chance is less than 10%.

‘ Cannons ‘ are at four tables , playing 33 games with 60 points , five more than ‘ Red Devils ‘ , but Arteta’s team played two ufbet games less.  

Theoretically, it would be enough to overtake each other. But the practice is more difficult than walking up Mount Phra Sumen. However, it is believed that it is a philanthropic strategy to reduce the pressure from real opponents such as Spurs .

” I don’t think the race for fourth place is a battle between Arsenal and Spurs – I think there might be a twist , ” Arteta said at a press conference ahead of West Ham United . 1 May . ) _

“ We all know how difficult it is to win one game in the English Premier League. The last two good results put the team in a satisfactory position again. ” 

“ I think in this league, if you are consistent at home and away , it is fundamental. And in this league, things change very quickly. ” 

As for the London derby match against ‘ The Hammers ‘ , David Moyes ‘ team has a Europa League semi-final second leg away to Frankfurt. Because losing before the first leg 1-2. The Spanish consultant sees that the rival Zhuge Liang has enough strength to step on the boat for two cams.

“ They have been in that kind of situation all season. And doing well in every stage that goes on the field, ” the 39 -year -old added.  

“ Teams have a variety of options to train and compete in order to perform at the same level. Well, we used to play Wednesday-to-Saturday and it’s okay – so West Ham next week’s midweek game shouldn’t matter. ”

“ If you have watched the first leg of the Europa League semi-final of the ‘ Known Hammer ‘ , you will know that there are great opportunities create. So I don’t think they have a problem producing results when they play three matches – per – a week . ”

Asian Handicap for Arsenal at half -times -5, two-and-a-half goals total.